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Contact Abtech Technologies today and we will create a custom plan for your needs. We provide trusted and reliable support delivered by our experienced databased administrators. 

Why Our Customers Choose Abtech Remote DBA Services

While most of our customers may have access to database development and administration capabilities in-house, they are often looking to supplement their existing set of resources with a remote DBA service.  This service can provide comprehensive coverage in areas of database administration, 24X7 monitoring, issue resolution and proactive performance management.

Key Features

If needed, our DBAs can perform the following tasks to ensure your database is running optimally and avoid future problems.

  • Performance analyses & query optimization 
  • Index rebuilds
  • Capacity & system planning 
  • Data integrity & table growth checks 
  • Security and user management
  • Patch reviews & installation 
  • License reviews & vendor management 
  • Advanced DBA tasks 
  • Monthly reporting 

…or any other task that diverts your staff’s time from strategic IT initiatives

I just wanted to quickly jot a note to you before the evening was completely gone. We were wildly successful with this evening's tasks. I remarked to Brian it’s lovely to have successful migrations like the ones that we’ve experienced with Abtech. We have a great process, he and I as a team did amazing. Again, thank you so much for your hard work, organizational skills, and attention to detail. I’m certain it is one of biggest reasons we have so much success in what we’re doing."


-Head of IT, US Healthcare Provider


​Platforms We Support


With more than a decade of servicing Oracle, our Certified Oracle Database Administrators will ensure your Oracle database runs smoothly.​


Microsoft SQL server is widely used to support business critical applications and Abtech's DBA’s have the skills to manage it.​


MySQL server is widely used to support web and production Linux-based applications and Abtech's DBA’s have the skills to manage it


Abtech's Informix DBA skills are second to none. We manage Informix databases that support a wide range of  applications.

What Abtech's DBA Services Can Do For You

Abtech’s Remote DBA services deliver instant ROI because we eliminate the costs of hiring, training, and retaining in-house DBAs. 

Our certified DBAs will perform daily monitoring of the database health, including:

  • Monitoring of memory segments (i.e. SGA, Share Memory, Memory Buffer Pools).
  • Monitoring all database related processes
  • Data growth and logical and physical storage monitoring 
  • Monitoring of database errors via log
  • Monitor database logging (i.e. Archive Log, Logical Log, Transaction Log)
  • Backup monitoring
  • Replication verification and monitoring
  • Verify all nightly jobs were successful
  • Monitor for general database issues (locking, blocking, etc.)
  • Database related IO activity
  • Manage database statistic

Responsible and affordable expert advice

Our service focuses exclusively on support, the response time for our user request, performance issues and development are typically shortened. Rarely is it feasible from a logistics or cost perspective for an in house staff to provide round clock support. 

Proactive approach for peak performance

Business applications operate in complex dynamic environments and to properly maintain optimal performance and ensure system availability you need someone who thoroughly understands the system. Critical components must be continually monitored and adjusted for the best operating performance.

See what some of our customers have to say:

When we were hit with Cryptolocker, we didn't know what to do. Fortunately we had Abtech's StorTrust Backup and Disaster Recovery service. We called them up and they were able to restore the infected systems with clean backups and we only lost 10 minutes or data."

-CFO, California Construction Company

"When our main database server failed we called Abtech.


They had us back up and running on their DR servers, with all our locations connected in less than 30 minutes. We were getting better performance on Abtech's servers than on our own server."

-Head of Operations, Retail Company

"When we needed a partner to provide the IT systems for our new building, Abtech was the only supplier that offered an end-to-end solution.


They were able to design, supply and implement everything and are now managing the systems for us"

-Project Manager, Global Online Data Company

"Abtech really come through when it mattered. They went above an beyond and got us back up and running.


If they hadn't we would have missed the deadline to invoice our client and lost several million dollars


-IT Director, National Defense Contractor

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