Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Traditional silos of storage, compute, and network infrastructure are not capable of adapting to today’s rapidly evolving business needs and are complex to manage.


The modern enterprise demands a platform that is flexible, scaleable and each to manage.

Our infrastructure architects and engineers will analyze your IT and business requirements and optimize your architecture to meet both existing and future demands while enhancing security, stability, performance, and manageability.




  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Data Center Modernization
  • Software Defined Data Center
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Data Center & Enterprise Networking
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Migration Services


Simplify your IT management by using the power of VMware in Dell’s VxRail to control your policies and optimize your applications and use it as a platform for your hybrid cloud.

Cloud & Hosting

Data protection is now more than just backup and recovery. It covers protecting your data at multiple locations and stages through its lifecycle.


Ransomware is on the increase and natural disasters are becoming more common.  The arrival of the COVID-19 virus has introduced a further dimension of providing security for remote workers.


Abtech partners will leading data protection vendors, notably Dell Technologies and VMware to provide a best of breed of data protection solutions. 


Our data protection specialists can analyze your business needs and design a solution that will provide the protection you need. We also have the engineers to implement and provide training for the solution.

Abtech Hosting Services:

  • Dedicated Windows and Linux Servers
  • Hosted VMware Servers
  • Linux and Windows Virtual Machines
  • IBM p-Series and AIX Hosting
  • HP Itanium and HP-UX Hosting
  • SAP Hosting
  • Oracle Hosting


Simplify your IT management by using the power of VMware in Dell’s VxRail to control your policies and optimize your applications and use it as a platform for your hybrid cloud.

IT Support Services

A modern business has a choice where to run its business-critical applications. It needs to provide the best user and customer experience, whilst keeping costs as low as possible to maintain profitability.


Some applications are best suited to running on-premise, where they can be provided with dedicated resources at a predictable cost. Others may be better running in the public cloud where there is more flexibility to handle peaks in demand. 


Therefore, most businesses need a hybrid cloud strategy.  Hybrid cloud is the new operating model for IT and it offers many advantages:


Increased Business Agility - Application developers can focus on business needs and developing software features, without worrying too much about underlying infrastructure.


Increased IT Efficiency - The IT organization can choose where to deploy workloads, guided by a combination of business and technology requirements.


Reduced Business Risk - When business priorities change, IT can quickly respond and shift workloads without being locked into a particular environment.



In order to realize these benefits, you need a hybrid cloud foundation that delivers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations wherever workloads are deployed.


Abtech can help you to design this using market-leading technology from VMware and Dell Technologies


Cloud Migration Services

You now have much more choice where you run your business applications. Many applications are now available as Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions which have many advantages:


  • You only pay for what you use and can cancel subscriptions you no longer need.
  • Keeping the application secure and up to date is the responsibility of the software vendor.
  • SaaS applications are often more accessible for remote workers.

Where SaaS applications don't make sense or are not available, it may still be preferable to host applications and workloads in the public cloud.


All this needs careful planning and execution. This is where Abtech's Professional Cloud Migration Services can help.


Whether its migrating your Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 or moving your Active Directory to Microsoft Azure, we have the skills to manage the migration process with minimal impact to your users.


If you are looking to move a database application to Azure or AWS, we can help. We can also host the application for you on Abtech's private cloud platform. 


We can also provide specialist hosting for applications running on IBM pseries, iseries or even HP-UX. 


Services at a glance:

  • Migrate Exchange to Office 365
  • Migrate Active Directory to Azure
  • Migrate Oracle or Microsoft SQL to Azure or AWS
  • Deploy VMware or VCloud Foundation on AWS
  • Host SAP or Oracle on IBM p-series
  • Configure Disaster Recovery Services on AWS or Abtech's StorTrust cloud.
  • Configure Dell EMC Cloud Tier and Cloud DR to replication to S3 or AWS.


If you are evaluating how you can move your applications to the cloud, need to consider a dedicated hosting service or want to set up a hybrid cloud, Abtech can help.

Relocation Services

Moving your data center to another building, town, state, or country is more than just backing up a van and loading the boxes. This task is enormous and takes time away from your everyday responsibilities of strategic data management.


We’re experts at preparing and handling sensitive equipment and use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to move your mission-critical technology.


The professionals at Abtech Technologies can manage every detail of your data center relocation. We help you avoid the nightmares associated with the physical move.


With services ranging from simply moving unracked servers across the street to de-installation and reinstallation of enterprise architecture across North America, our engineers and logistics team understand the time-sensitive value of your business' data assets.


Let our professionals take the stress out of your IT relocation.  Local, national or international, we can safely move your precious cargo.  Ask about our zero-downtime service, for when the business just has to stay open.


Services at a glance:

  • Data Center Relocation
  • Office Relocation
  • International Computer Moves
  • Hardware Decommissioning and Removal
  • Time Sensitive Relocation
  • Technically Challenging IT Relocation

The remote workforce is here to stay.  The good news is that it can be just as secure and productive as an office-based workforce with the right technology in place.

Managed IT Services

The modern IT operation needs to support the business more than ever. At the same time, technology is becoming increasingly more advanced with special skills required to create the best user and customer experience.


It is not always possible to employ people with all the technology skills your business needs. You may also find that you are trying to fit your IT people into a need, rather than playing to their strengths.


Instead, why not utilize a managed services provider like Abtech?


Abtech is a Dell Authorized Managed Services Provider.  This means that we are one of a handful of service providers that is approved to supply our professional and managed services on Dell paper. 


Our engineers are of the highest caliber holding competencies and certifications for many leading technology vendors. We also have the processes in place to be able to support our customers quickly and efficiently whatever their need.



Abtech Managed Services at a glance:

  • Small Business IT outsourcing
  • Network and IT system monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Helpdesk service contracts
  • Remote DBA services for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, My SQL and Informix
  • Migrate Oracle or Microsoft SQL to Azure or AWS
  • Windows, Hyper-V and VMware system administration
  • Managed Hosting on Windows, Linux, IBM p-series and HP-UX.
  • Managed backup and cloud disaster recovery services
  • Managed services for VMware on AWS


We keep your IT systems running optimally so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

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