Get powerful data protection in a single appliance that is easy to deploy and manage — no matter where your data resides. The integrated appliance brings together protection storage and software, search, and analytics, plus simplified management and cloud readiness. The clean, intuitive interface of the IDPA System Manager provides a comprehensive view of data protection infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Simple to manage, deploy, upgrade and grow

Customer installable/upgradable 2U appliance that can grow in place from 24-96 TB with no additional HW. Simplified management with IDPA System Manager.

Industry-leading performance

High performance with up to 2x faster backups that traditional backup solutions and 55:1 average deduplication.

Efficient Cloud DR and long-term retention.

At the lowest overall cost-to-protect

Protects up to 4x more data in one 2U unit and costs up to 80% less to protect. 3-year satisfaction and up to 55:1 data protection deduplication guarantees.

Trusted & Transparent

Market Leading Deduplication, Backup & Recovery Backed by Abtech's StorTrust Cloud

Real Life Disaster Scenario

Ransomware Attack

Real Life Disaster Scenario

What happens when employee accidentally opens an infected email attachment?​

  1. Your file server becomes infected - Users can't access their files.
  2. The ransom demand arrives - A message appears on the user's screen demanding $$$$ in bitcoin within 48 hours.
  3. What do you do?  - You can pay the ransom or lose the data.  In the meantime, your business is on hold!

If you have StorTrust, we can get your data back quickly, without paying a ransom.

Remote Database Administration Services

Responsible and affordable expert advice

Our portfolio of Oracle services will cover all your Oracle short-term and ongoing needs.

If you find yourself without a skilled DBA, we can help you keep your database running.

If you have an upgrade, migration or integration project, we can also provide the skills you need to complete it without risk.

Windows 7 End of Life...

Migration With Ease

Let our team assist and guide your organization's WIndows 7 to Windows 10 migration easily & painlessly. 

What To Expect: Windows 7 End Of Life Is Approaching Fast!

Download our our free copy of

Planning For Windows 7 End Of Life


A quick, and comprehensive guide on how to prepare. 


Scalable, cloud-ready protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery. With Data Domain as part of your IT infrastructure, you can meet all of the demands of data protection. Conquer the challenge of protecting mission-critical data with modern protection storage and explore our best-of-breed solutions for your on-premise, virtualized and cloud computing needs.



See what some of our customers have to say:

When we were hit with Cryptolocker, we didn't know what to do. Fortunately we had Abtech's StorTrust Backup and Disaster Recovery service. We called them up and they were able to restore the infected systems with clean backups and we only lost 10 minutes or data."

-CFO, California Construction Company

"When our main database server failed we called Abtech.


They had us back up and running on their DR servers, with all our locations connected in less than 30 minutes. We were getting better performance on Abtech's servers than on our own server."

-Head of Operations, Retail Company

"When we needed a partner to provide the IT systems for our new building, Abtech was the only supplier that offered an end-to-end solution.


They were able to design, supply and implement everything and are now managing the systems for us"

-Project Manager, Global Online Data Company

"Abtech really come through when it mattered. They went above an beyond and got us back up and running.


If they hadn't we would have missed the deadline to invoice our client and lost several million dollars


-IT Director, National Defense Contractor